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You’re the Owner & CFO; We do everything else. No uncontrollable drop shipping. AEP handles inventory management; Amazon Prime™ handles order fulfillment.

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Erika and her team have helped 100+ business-owners leverage Amazon Prime™ for years. Take advantage of our sophisticated software, US-based team of experts, and track record of generating revenue for our clients. Every client store is unique, but most of our 100+ stores have shown a predictable month-to-month trajectory.

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Some of the brands we regularly work with:

Ulta Beauty
Shark Ninja
WAHL Professional
Rare Beauty

4 Steps to Amazon Success!


Meet with an expert to align your goals with our process. Then take time to review the contract and terms, conduct due diligence, and both agree before proceeding with us building your Amazon store.

Onboarding & Setup

Meet our CEO to establish your LLC, Amazon Seller Central Account, & review essential steps. Once set up yout accounts are ready, we’ll test inventory cycle for smooth operation.

Build Momentum

After 3 – 4 inventory cycles, your store will feature trusted brand products and positive customer reviews. By 6 – 8 months, expect your store to generate thousands in monthly net profits for you.

Scale as Desired

What’s your desired monthly income? Our store owners usually take home 12% to 29% of their monthly inventory investment. Your earnings will increase with higher inventory investment.

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What sets Automated Ecom Profits apart?

Our Success Hinges on Yours.
Our Contract Guarantees It.

The Many

No doubt you’ve already heard or read the horror stories about store suspensions and unresponsive management teams.

The Few

There are a few good ecommerce companies, and some occasionally offer a cheaper startup fee or “better” profit split. However, their guarantees typically have multiple conditions and sub-paragraphs tied to them, and they often charge additional & ongoing monthly expenses & fees directly to the client.

(pro-tip: read their contract thoroughly & carefully.)

The One

Automated Ecom Profits only charges a percentage of your store’s monthly gross profit. If your store doesn’t profit, we don’t charge. If the overhead and expenses for that month are too much, we bear the full cost of that mistake — ensuring you retain your full & fair share of the profit every month.

(pro-tip: read our contract thoroughly & carefully as well. Although, because ours is often shorter and simpler than theirs, you probably will not be needing that bottle of Tylenol this time.)

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AEP’s History

Erika Mirzayans began her entrepreneurial journey in 2015, initially diving into a marketing agency and Amazon dropshipping. She discovered her passion for selling on Amazon, later expanding to eBay and Walmart but ultimately finding Amazon as the most powerful platform. Scaling her business, she realized the potential in hiring a team, securing substantial credit lines, and generating over a million in sales within two years.

Facing skepticism from family and friends and overcoming various hurdles, Erika remained dedicated to her vision. In 2019, she connected with fellow entrepreneurs online, leading to requests for mentorship. Taking on clients, she successfully grew their stores through dropshipping, accumulating millions in sales until Amazon’s policy changes prompted a shift to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Her current focus lies in growing a network of like-minded individuals, aiming to help them create sustainable passive income for future generations. In 2024, Erika is looking forward to testing the new TikTok Shop platform by offering automated TikTok Shop drop-shipping.

My ultimate goal is to build a network of like minded individuals to work with and help them all create passive income for many generations to come.

Erika Mirzayans



Years In Ecom


Current FBA Accounts


Platforms Tested


Monthly Gross Revenue

A Partnership with AEP is a Clear-Cut Decision

Time-Tested and Strategic Execution

Easy Onboarding

We create LLCs & Seller Accounts and assist in securing credit lines for a successful launch aiming to have your store fully operational within 5 to 8 weeks.

Full-Service Support During Regular Business Hours

We manage setup, products, sales, logistics, etc; you collect the store’s revenue & manage the money. Expect seamless service & clear communication with dedicated US-based Account Reps for focused business growth.

Inventory Optimization And Buy-Back

We leverage custom-built software to find profitable new products from everyday brands. With our 90-day buy-back guarantee, unsold items are repurchased at cost, enabling swift replacement without complications.

Prime-Ready Fulfillment

Our team ensures all products are FBA eligible, providing clients with the speed and reliability of Amazon Prime™ for your store’s accelerated success.

Careful FBA Compliance

Avoid common pitfalls like drop shipping, unnecessary multiple stores, or purchasing an existing store from others. These shortcuts and others often lead to suspensions, which we steer clear of.

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A Partnership with AEP is a Clear-Cut Decision

Shared successful experiences

If anything, the problem is that I sell out too fast and I wish that I had more, but that’s a good problem!

Seung Hong

Client since July 2023

The team is super-responsive when I have questions. If I want to talk to someone on the phone, no problem.

Charlie Carder

Client since July 2024

The most impressive part has been the hands-on approach of Erika and how she’s constantly super hands on.

Kaiya Stanton

Client since July 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the Questions We Receive the Most

During your free consultation call, an expert advisor will address all your inquiries and offer extra resources to assist you in deciding if partnering with Automated Ecom Profits is the best option for you.

No, market saturation implies too many sellers and not enough buyers.  Currently: about 2.5M seller accounts vs. over 200M Prime Subscribers, with about $35B – $40B monthly revenue generated on the platform, indicates there is still plenty of room for individual store growth.

The Amazon Seller Market is competitive, with numerous product offerings.  Success relies on product choice, uniqueness, marketing, and customer service, not just market saturation. Finding niches, unique items, or delivering exceptional experiences can drive success amidst competition.  And that’s what we do.

We have built our own stores but also onboard clients to access additional capital for moving more winning products. Leveraging our clients’ capital and Seller Central accounts, we are able to wholesale more items on Amazon, taking a percentage to scale operations and source better deals for all partners — and helping those partners win while we’re at it.

Moreover, Amazon enforces a policy permitting only one Seller Central Account per household, monitoring IP addresses to maintain this regulation.

The majority of our operations take place in-house at our facilities in Miami, Florida.  While we also use backend support from abroad, all client-facing roles and customer service support are based in the US.  We also procure inventory from various sources across the U.S., distributing it from our warehouse in FL to our partner store’s FBA accounts.

As CFO of your store, your role involves overseeing incoming Amazon revenue and managing only 3-4 pivotal expenses:

1. Initial Amazon FBA Business Buildout Fee (varies by contract).
2. Profit split (AEP’s primary compensation, also contingent on contract terms).
3. Inventory invoices (usually requiring $20,000 or more in monthly working capital).
4. Optional utilization of business credit for inventory, potentially introducing an additional monthly expense.

Typically, it takes approximately 35-56 days (5-8 weeks) before your store is operational, and your initial inventory purchase is stored at the Amazon Warehouse and listed in your online store, initiating sales.

After that, it usually requires about 2-4 monthly inventory cycles to gain momentum until your store reaches its maximum operational capacity, allowing you to optimize your preferred level of inventory purchasing capability.

Once the store is scaled and operating optimally, our partners typically see monthly returns (post-profit split) ranging from 12% to 29% of their monthly inventory expenditure. Higher investments in inventory lead to increased revenue potential, ensuring stable margins and subsequently greater profits.

In general, partners who excel the most often have built up larger capital reserves and demonstrate effective management of their business’s credit lines and cash flow.

To get your store started, an initial upfront investment and working capital to grow the store are essential. We partner exclusively with individuals seeking to establish or expand their online presence and possess a robust income or financial background. If this aligns with your profile, scheduling a consultation below is the first step.

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After a couple of meetings, we’ll know if a partnership aligns with our interests. Honesty matters; either party can decline. If we’re in sync, we’ll sign the contract, manage finances, and set an onboarding meeting with our CEO, Erika Mirzayans, for a personal guide to starting with us.

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