It started with a trap…

AEP’s founder, Erika Mirzayans, grew up in Glendale CA … went to a good school … got a good job … went to college … advanced in her career …

AEP’s founder, Erika Mirzayans, grew up in Glendale CA…

went to a good school…

got a good job…

went to college…

advanced in her career …

and suddenly realized she was getting stuck!

Meet Automated Ecom Profits LLC

Erika started with drop shipping and has successfully used that to create passive income streams on multiple platforms.

Now, the primary way we create income for our clients is by managing Amazon FBA Wholesale stores for them.

AEP continues to test wholesale and drop shipping across various platforms; but still, Amazon has continued to outshine them all.

“In 2015 I wanted to have my own business and take control of my life. I started with a marketing agency, but I also started drop-shipping on the Amazon platform. I very quickly started to see how much I enjoyed pursuing selling on Amazon vs. having my marketing agency.”

Erika Mirzayans


“The sheer volume on the site alone did not compare to any other platform I tried”

– Erika

Our Origins

2015 – 2019

Started with drop shipping

Added FBA

bustling warehouse

Warehouse Acquired

Erika’s entrepreneur friends sought her expertise in drop shipping. Taking on clients, she excelled in managing both her store and theirs.

Eventually, she expanded by incorporating Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for select products. Leveraging relationships with new brands and vendors, her team secured warehouse space in both California and Florida.


Switched to FBA only

No more Amazon drop shipping

No More Amazon Drop Shipping

Amazon had updated its drop shipping policy in 2017 and started cracking down in the following years.  By 2020, the writing was on the walls that Amazon may soon no longer tolerate drop shipping at all.

With infrastructure already in place, Erika’s team transitioned her store and all client stores to an FBA-only model.

13 November 2020

Formed Erika Mirzayans LLC

Finally Incorporated

“I ran as a sole prop for years and then under Erika Mirzayans LLC.”

Sometimes, there were multiple LLCs because we were trying multiple different sites all at once.

It was a lengthy journey…

26 October 2022

Formed Automated Ecom Profits LLC

Automated Ecom Profits

Rebranded as AEP

Automated Ecom Profits now manages a little over 100 client stores with about $10 MIL in combined monthly Gross Sales.

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Make Money Online

Unlock Success with our Fully Managed Amazon FBA Services

Proven FBA Wholesale Process, Completely Done-For-You

You’re the Owner & CFO; We do everything else. No uncontrollable drop shipping. AEP handles inventory management; Amazon Prime™ handles order fulfillment.

Partnership with an Expert For Predictable Profits

Erika and her team have helped 100+ business-owners leverage Amazon Prime™ for years. Take advantage of our sophisticated software, US-based team of experts, and track record of generating revenue for our clients. Every client store is unique, but most of our 100+ stores have shown a predictable month-to-month trajectory.

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